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There are all kinds of evaluation measures for machine translation quality, but to a user, maybe none is more important than the opinion of other users.

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162 Responses to “Feedback”

  1. on 29 Dec 2006 at 04:13:28 1.basem said …

    Thank you for this really graet effort which is very helpful.

  2. on 29 May 2007 at 00:22:26 2.Garth Burnett said …

    I just found this tool you guys created. This is so helpfull to me. I have been living in denmark and now i am back in new york. I am going through a custody battle and all the documents are in danish. I am very happy to find this site…Thank you so much for creating this…..I am so greatfull to you for this.

    Thank you so much,
    Garth B.

  3. on 29 May 2007 at 15:17:27 3.GnB said …

    Hello Translation team,
    Thank you for the inevitable tool for foreigners in denmark. Also I would request for additional option of translating English to Danish.

  4. on 30 May 2007 at 14:29:29 4.Alex X. said …

    You guys are awesome! this tool has helped me,a foreigner alot in my life. Hats off to you guys and your hard working:-)

  5. on 01 Jun 2007 at 10:14:41 5.Martin Kristensen said …


    Your Danish to English automatic translation is one of the best bits of translation software I have seen..

    Do you have a “fair use” policy?

    For instance, I would like to put a link on each page to a translated version.
    Furthermore I would like to store a cache of the translated page locally to reduce the number of requests sent to your server.

  6. on 02 Jun 2007 at 16:45:27 6.mistake said …

    this tool is great ! ;)
    I am using about half year :D
    I already tried to use it for writing a letter in danish ;) (I got no comments that person do not understood that I wanted to write ;))) )
    Of course, it would be great to see an english to danish translator ;)
    Best regards,

  7. on 03 Jun 2007 at 20:28:12 7.E Thomsen said …

    Thank you so much for your site. It has helped me so much in my translations from Norwegian & Danish to English. I’m happy to read that English to Danish translations are in the works.
    E Thomsen

  8. on 05 Jun 2007 at 07:46:57 8.dynamite said …

    this tool is great. i’ve been using it to translate football news from danish to english.

    thanks a lot!

  9. on 06 Jun 2007 at 12:39:45 9.Johan Grobler said …

    This is the best translation tool I have found on the Web.
    It has allowed me to translate whole letters from Danish to a quite easily understandable English. Which has helped me to do things in Denmark that would otherwise not have been possible without the help of a Danish spearker.

    Nice one!

  10. on 06 Jun 2007 at 21:33:20 10.Tori H. said …

    I just wanted to let you know that I really love to use your translation machine. My boyfriend writes to me in Danish and then I translate into English to figure out what he is saying and to also learn which words mean what. Its been a great help!

  11. on 09 Jun 2007 at 14:35:40 11.Helene Fuchs said …

    Thanks very much for this accurate translation
    For a machine translation it is really outstanding,
    and you have no valuable competitors yet.
    Thank you very much.

  12. on 12 Jun 2007 at 21:13:45 12.Gor said …

    Hello There,

    Thank you for this tool, it is really good.


  13. on 14 Jun 2007 at 20:09:18 13.Elisabeth said …

    This is an REALLY AWESOME tool! My job requires me to quickly translate text from many languages to English, and Scandinavian countries have always been the tough ones. This site has truly been a lifesaver. Any way you could add Dutch, Swedish, and Finnish? Finnish in particular…there are NO good online translators! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

  14. on 14 Jun 2007 at 20:11:32 14.Elisabeth said …

    This is an REALLY AWESOME tool! My job requires me to quickly translate text from many languages to English, and Scandinavian countries have always been the tough ones. This site has truly been a lifesaver. Any way you could add Dutch, Swedish, and Finnish? Finnish in particular – there are NO good online translators! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

  15. on 17 Jun 2007 at 22:31:28 15.Axel said …

    This is a very good tool! I’m using it almost 5 months, and it has been very useful to help me to found job in Denmark!
    Thanks! Very good job!

    Spanish-Danish? :P

  16. on 18 Jun 2007 at 10:41:40 16.Marta said …


    Really useful online translator!! I arrived in Denmark to work 1 month ago and I don’t have to bother my office mates every 5 minutes about the meaning of something.

    Do you know any online Danish course where you can also listen to the words?

    Thanks a lot for the tool!!

  17. on 20 Jun 2007 at 09:29:44 17.kannaiah said …

    i am using this URL last 6 months, it is very good wesite for converting danish to english.

  18. on 20 Jun 2007 at 10:10:16 18.Avirup Dasgupta said …

    I have been staying in Copenhagen for last 2 months and have relied heavily on this tool.Infact, this is my browser’s homepage now!

  19. on 20 Jun 2007 at 10:12:02 19.Thomas said …

    I found out this tool kit that will alow me to understand all danish words that i cound’t understnad. Im a Korean student in Denmark, just came so i have problems understanding Danish. This tool can translate it perfectly, others are bad.

  20. on 20 Jun 2007 at 12:13:45 20.Kuldeep said …


    I am using this tool for translating the danish documents to english and its giving me accurate results.
    It has proven to be very helpful for me and my team members.

    Its a great job done by the you people.

    Keep it up.

    Cheers !!!

  21. on 21 Jun 2007 at 13:15:21 21.Joy said …

    Gr8 tool. I have been staying in Copenhagen for 3 months now. I have been using it for past 3 months. It has helped me a lot in my project as well as for other things.

  22. on 21 Jun 2007 at 13:41:48 22.Bhavna said …

    hi I am in Denmark, this tool support me through out my stay over here, it will gr8 if you provide Enlish-> Danish also..


  23. on 24 Jun 2007 at 14:46:43 23.Anne Sofie said …


  24. on 24 Jun 2007 at 20:55:23 24.cxc said …

    really good translator

  25. on 25 Jun 2007 at 02:34:50 25.xTru said …

    just gr8, good job ppl.thx

  26. on 26 Jun 2007 at 15:31:32 26.Hazel said …

    This is a great tool, but I find it does not work on capital letters. Is there any way around this?

  27. on 27 Jun 2007 at 03:11:50 27.Jeesang said …

    This service is really cool…!

  28. on 27 Jun 2007 at 08:06:08 28.Praveen said …

    This is a really useful tool. Translating a unknown language to known language is something which makes ur life easier. Kudos for the team…….

    But few suggestions:

    The tool is yet to be developed to include all the words of the language. Not fully developed yet.

    Also more languages need to be implemented.

  29. on 27 Jun 2007 at 09:27:18 29.Dev said …

    I’ve been interested in Danish badminton, but couldn’t read any of the profiles on the association’s site because they were in Danish. This site was useful in translating the profiles into English.

  30. on 28 Jun 2007 at 06:53:15 30.Manoj said …

    Thanks guys,, This webpage translation tool is an abosolute lifesaver. It wud be great if this can be enhanced further with minor improvements such as when we click on any link it auto translates the new page as well instead of copying the url into the translation tab. Either ways , thanks , u have made my and my family’s life a lot easier .

  31. on 28 Jun 2007 at 15:44:14 31.Vishal said …


    Hats off to the creator of this tool, it is of great help, especially, when some one is new to Denmark, where all sites n info is in danish. I am really enjoying this site/tool.

    Thanks once again.

  32. on 28 Jun 2007 at 17:16:49 32.Steven said …

    This is great, I have been living in KBH for 9 months and now that I’m back home it’s so nice to be able to send e-mails to friends in Danish. The grammar check feature is great to and I would recommend it to anyone. Tak skal du have!


  33. on 30 Jun 2007 at 14:30:05 33.SOULEdk said …

    Wow, the future is here. Never seen a machine translator as acurate as this. Rarely a word wrong and those that are mostly context based errors. F.eks. Salonen (as in “the [hair]salon” was translated as “The drawing room”.) Which is fantastic considering how rare those errors are. This translator is next to flawless. Unlike my spelling. :D

    The next best thing to human translation.

  34. on 01 Jul 2007 at 14:03:44 34.Cammy said …

    On a daily basis, your website saves my a$$…
    I’m a foreigner studying in Denmark over the next two years. With several all-danish/school-related emails sent to us on a daily basis, this site has helped relieve much pressure in vetting the more important documents. Keep up the great work! It is much needed and utilized.

    Tak skal du have!

    Med venlig hilsen,

  35. on 01 Jul 2007 at 15:17:01 35.Natacha said …

    hehe, I think this is pretty cool! I’m from Denmark. It’s a really boring country, honestly. Nothing happens! I’m only 15 years old, my mom comes from South Africa, and my dad is danish. I hate scientifical things, and oddly enough I love languages. I speak english, danish a little german and turkish :)

    that was it , I guess..

    de venligste hilsner Natacha.

  36. on 02 Jul 2007 at 20:28:41 36.Deb said …

    This site is the best site for translating danish to english. I have tried to translate on other sites but they could never translate properly. This is the only site that I have been able to find that translates properly. Thank you to the owners of this site for making this site. Without this site I could never understand what I am being told in danish, as I have signed up to a couple of danish sites due to the danish owners testing new games on there before putting them onto the uk sites. Thanks again.


  37. on 03 Jul 2007 at 11:43:00 37.Li Li said …

    I’m moving to Denmark very soon, and this is the best inviting I got to motive me to move! Thank you so much! It is really helpful!


  38. on 04 Jul 2007 at 19:09:51 38.Tim C said …

    An excellent site. I was able to check a web booking I had just made and the quality of the translation was superb. Easily the best Danish to English service I have found on the web.

    Med venlig hilsen,


  39. on 06 Jul 2007 at 23:23:14 39.Brian S. said …

    This was an excellant experience for me. Thanks very much for your site, I hope to be using it again in the future.

  40. on 07 Jul 2007 at 14:01:54 40.Hi said …

    Where can I buy a danish grammatic book,

  41. on 10 Jul 2007 at 10:01:36 41.Ran said …

    This is Excelent.
    Very usefully, very well planed and excecuted.
    Keep this up

  42. on 11 Jul 2007 at 00:12:59 42.KnightDrinkAlot said …


    -Very nice tool.
    Very useful.


  43. on 11 Jul 2007 at 13:20:56 43.Sonu Shrivastava said …

    This site is seriously good. I am working for a Denmark based client so initially it was very difficult to understand the document in the denish but because of your this conversion tool it has become very easy.
    SO once more thanks for this utility.

  44. on 12 Jul 2007 at 13:38:31 44.Vijay Sreenivas said …


    this is a tool…unparallel.

    i got the results just as i expected.


  45. on 12 Jul 2007 at 20:30:14 45.Nining said …

    wow….this site pretty cool, its really help me a lot for my home work. :)
    as im studying Danish at this moment, and its so fun and easy to use this site…..
    good works guys (to those who made this site)
    Thanks A lot.

    kærlig hilsen

  46. on 13 Jul 2007 at 08:57:38 46.Derek Hopewell said …

    Can you accept a slightly less oleaginous comment? I am
    higly impressed with the skill of the many people who made this service possible. I am well retired and study Danish for fun, and you provide plenty! Some of the translations are hilarious, and so the best fun of all is trying to get into the minds of those very clever people who have compiled the software. Finishing the job of sorting out what the original was intended to mean is a secondary pleasure.

  47. on 14 Jul 2007 at 01:35:53 47.Sos Manesh said …

    Thanks guys. Your translating system helped me with translating a scientific paper on atypical anti-pyschotics for a research project. :) I could easily catch up for the missing words and have a good grasb of the material in this Danish paper.

    thanks again,

    PharmD candidate 2008.

  48. on 14 Jul 2007 at 17:00:51 48.Noga said …

    really it is the best >> Thanks :)

  49. on 16 Jul 2007 at 23:13:04 49.Pete Conway said …

    AWESOME!! I am trying to learn Danish whilst working for the Sejlunion. This tool gives me the ability to not be a hassle to my colleagues. Many, many thanks


  50. on 18 Jul 2007 at 15:38:28 50.Lun said …

    This is the most pretty good transleting system that I have met before!

  51. on 22 Jul 2007 at 16:51:48 51.Ali said …

    Hvad betyder “2 regulære fejl”.

  52. on 30 Jul 2007 at 07:38:18 52.DAVEY said …

    This site is great as I can now translate stuff my sexy sexy Danish friend has to say and it not just be random Danish words



  53. on 01 Aug 2007 at 14:44:38 53.Baris Klop said …

    Great website and tool
    I used it sofar to translate web information regarding Danish info on the Fehmarn belt bridge and Norwegian info on the U864 submarine wreck
    The Norwegian translations are not as good as the Danish, but nevertheless very helpfull

  54. on 04 Aug 2007 at 20:15:59 54.Derek Hopewell said …

    I am still having lots of fun with your translating system. I think it is fair to say that a person who speaks and thinks only English (and there are many of them) would be baffled by the English that you come up with. But, given the flying start that you provide, and a bit of extra work, it is not too difficult to produce a translation that looks like original English.
    I have now put samples of original Danish and also samples of original English (Papaerback novels) which have been translated into Danish through your system, with some interesting results.
    I note that the feedback seems to have slowed down recently, and hope that it picks up again. Would you welcome or discourage direct content between commentators through your reply column?

  55. on 04 Aug 2007 at 20:18:56 55.Derek Hopewell said …

    My apologies; for “direct content” please read “direct contact”

  56. on 08 Aug 2007 at 12:24:35 56.Joey said …

    Thank you, your site helped me a lot to read articles at
    i am a backgammon fan but my Danish not that great, so your page really made a great job!

  57. on 09 Aug 2007 at 15:19:57 57..NetDisaster said …

    This is the great tool. i have been in denmark for the past 1 month and i always face difficulty to translate danish to english. before i used manual dictionary for that purpose but now this tool makes my life easier. Great Job :)

  58. on 10 Aug 2007 at 08:04:26 58.Lei Zhang said …

    This is so great! you are completely a genus!!!!!!!

  59. on 12 Aug 2007 at 17:19:06 59.VoltureX said …

    Hi there. I have a long story text about what has going on in Azeroth before the date of World of Warcraft and your online tool here is awesome to get my littlebrother to understand the text in english. Good job and hoping you continue developing the English – Danish translator ;) Take care…

  60. on 13 Aug 2007 at 21:52:52 60.Sadik Bas said …

    it`s very good English-Danish text Translation Website. Thank you the owner.

  61. on 14 Aug 2007 at 06:52:05 61.ray said …

    det er bare så fedt!
    hat off to you guys who made it possible.

  62. on 14 Aug 2007 at 19:45:58 62.Alexander said …


    I have a question.

    Is there an edition that can translate English to Danish?

    Most kindly,


  63. on 15 Aug 2007 at 07:03:30 63.owen said …

    Hi Alex – just change the options.
    I find this translator works better than most.
    Not perfect, but no translator is, or can be.
    There is always something “lost in translation”.

  64. on 18 Aug 2007 at 22:54:44 64.Hanne B. Stegemüller said …

    It’s a fantastic work, you have made here.

    Thank you so much for it.

    Best regards Hanne B. Stegemüller

  65. on 20 Aug 2007 at 17:20:15 65.Halloo said …

    Helloo thats is soo good hehe :-) :-) :-)

  66. on 20 Aug 2007 at 21:53:03 66.Russell Telfer said …

    Thank you for your translation services. For many reasons there is an urgent need for English-Danish-English translation services and this is the best I have seen.

  67. on 21 Aug 2007 at 21:15:55 67.Sam C said …

    Hi guys,
    this site is awesome just started doing business with a danish company and its come in very usefull

  68. on 22 Aug 2007 at 10:36:27 68.Sachin said …


    This is really very helpful.

    Great Effort!!!

  69. on 24 Aug 2007 at 12:21:15 69.Sowmya said …


    I have been using this toll from more than 4 months and it has proved a very efficient one, we foreigners owe a lot this tool thanks guys and keep up the good work


  70. on 28 Aug 2007 at 11:53:23 70.hasnain said …

    Its a fantastic effort…does anything get better than this ?

  71. on 07 Sep 2007 at 21:39:41 71.Louise Randolph said …

    I appreciate your site as it is helping me with genealogy, my hobby.
    I am wondering if you have some English substitutes for the “o” with the slash through it and the “a” with a little zero at the top. I have tried a ? but that doesn’t seem to work. (and what are they called?)
    Thanks for your good work.

  72. on 08 Sep 2007 at 17:22:54 72.Tino Didriksen said …

    If you are unable to use the proper letters Ææ Øø Åå then Aa Oo Aa should work in most cases. We have a filter that corrects e.g. “prast” to the far more likely “præst” (priest/minister) because it knows “prast” does not occur in Danish and then finds candidates that could have been the result of a transliteration.

    http://visl.dk/2007/05/diacritics-and-transliteration/ is an older news post regarding the filter.

    As for what they are called, Wikipedia has some good articles:
    Ææ: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%86
    Øø: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%98
    Åå: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%85

  73. on 18 Oct 2007 at 05:58:24 73.BrentMartin said …

    I want to tell you this is one of the best translators I’ve ever used.

    I found an old copy of Johan Skjoldborg’s GyldHolm in a used bookstore in Huntsville, AL, for $3.

    I’m just now trying to figure it out.

    I’ve tried translating an article about Skjoldborg from Danish to English with several other translators and they produce pure unadulderated gibbersih, especially the one called InterTrans. And the output from Alta-Vista’s Babel Fish for some languages is passable, the quality of this GramTrans output far exceeds those other programs.

    Let me just say that without your program I can barely get even the gist of that article, and with the translator it’s crystal clear, with hardly any trouble understanding any of it.

    I’m a programmer and I work with language translation and translators and I’ve never seen a translator program for Scandinavian languages quite as good as this one, at least for the one short article I tested it on. It was bang on, virtually 100% correct. Now I would like to try some sample passages from the book Gyldholm. My goal is eventually to learn to read Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish better, and this program will help me immensely. I can also use it as a translation aid when I get stuck for a word equivalent and can’t find it in any of my online or printed dictionaries.

  74. on 18 Oct 2007 at 06:08:04 74.BrentMartin said …

    Excuse the typos in the previous message.

    I do not do any commercial translation work. I only do translations for personal use and for research purposes in the field of machine translation.

    I doubt that I would find much to complain about, but I did notice a few slight problems.

    The word “Hjemmet” remained untranslated to English in the output. I don’t think it’s a proper noun.

    And the output is not perfect English, but extremely readable and it would be easily improved if a more polished translation were required.

    Even my own English isn’t perfect. We all make grammatical mistakes and spelling errors.

    If you think a program is perfect, you can always create some sort of pathological input as a test case and cause any translator to go bonkers (berserk).

    Congratulations on an excellent job thus far. I’d love to work on the project! I could perhaps make some contributions, word lists, etc. I have my own translator program and it’s nowhere near as good as GramTrans, at least not at present.

  75. on 18 Oct 2007 at 06:25:49 75.BrentMartin said …

    I just used GramTrans to translate a website and it worked beautifully. I’m amazed. It’s almost as if the translation already existed and just had to be located and displayed! The quality is excellent overall, compared to most online translators I’ve seen. I’ve tried a lot of languages, even Welsh, which presented some unique difficulties.

    I’m also interested in Esperanto and wondering if you use it as an intermediate language internally or if you use direct transfer methods, from a particular source to a particular target language.

    I’m always looking for new ideas and better ways of translating.

    The site I translated was at:


    If you’d like to take a look at it, you can see that GramTrans did an excellent job of translating the page, with only a few minor problems that I noted.

    This translator will help me out immensely with my own research.

  76. on 19 Oct 2007 at 18:02:57 76.Johan said …

    Thanks !
    Good job on a great site ;D

  77. on 30 Oct 2007 at 10:28:58 77.sunius said …

    I’m also little bit surprised that it is quit good quality of translation from Danish to English.

    Very thank you!

  78. on 12 Nov 2007 at 23:29:47 78.Olaf P Pedersen Jr. said …

    I would like to congratulate you for such a wonderful program as this. I have been researching my Danish ancestors for some time now, and one night while I was surfing the web, I came across your website & have been using it ever since. For someone like me who lives in the USA and does not speak any Danish, it has been a very lucky find. I am sure that with people like you, the program will only get better with time.
    Thank you again, Olaf

  79. on 17 Nov 2007 at 22:15:16 79.UKK said …

    Thanks, very few Danish websites are translated in English or other languages. Your service is very helpful. However, you may want to consider to correct “Phine” to “Phone” on your English dictionary.



  80. on 24 Nov 2007 at 08:02:53 80.Dann said …

    I sent an order to a Danish business. Efforts to translate their reply e-mail was difficult with other translators. I was pleasantly surprised by the clarity in which this site translated the text. Keep it up!

  81. on 29 Nov 2007 at 23:36:18 81.juli said …

    I’m impressed, this sites translation engine is very good :) Kudossssssssssssssssss!

  82. on 04 Dec 2007 at 00:36:43 82.Paul Makepeace said …

    Wow, how impressive, especially compared to what else I tried out there that generated comparative nonsense. Excellent job!

  83. on 04 Dec 2007 at 12:51:14 83.mcgronro said …

    Just found out about this MT service while reading the news on sprakteknologi.se. Nice! I hope you are able to commercialize this enough in order to be able to continue developing your system.

    I especially like the fact that you have taken an effort to work on MT for related languages such as Swedish, Danish and Norwegian. The need for machine translation between these languages might be small (resulting in low revenue stream for you guys), but as a linguist-by-heart this fact makes me happy.

    BTW, I have an issue with getting the Firefox extension to translate web pages from Swedish to English. I get this error message: “Error: Invalid language pair: sve2eng”.

    Maybe you can fix this and provide an update for the extension (which I believe will be the most valuable UI for the service at least for us Firefox users).

    Anyways, thank you Lars and Eckhard for making this MT service available.

    /Mickel G.

  84. on 19 Dec 2007 at 19:24:54 84.Magnetic said …

    What a nice feature… Thumbs up for the creators of GramTrans.


    Greating from


  85. on 19 Dec 2007 at 19:42:14 85.Magnetic said …

    I tried to put it on my mobil, but i don’t know how it works!

    best regards


  86. on 21 Dec 2007 at 11:27:04 86.guldagerdatter said …

    I would like to add my own thanks and congratulations for your most impressive work!

    One of my personal reasons: I’ve been trying to improve my Danish for years – my Danish mother was too busy surviving in London during WWar2, bringing up all her young children to be able to teach us much.
    I recently found a precious thing — an unusual elderly aunt who didn’t learnt English at school, which forces me to write Danish to her. My “Danish” (better known as “Stranglish”) involves hours with a hot dictionary so to “help” I tried using other translation sites, but they result frequently in gibberish worse than mine. Now we can communicate!

    Thank you so much; keep up the great work.

  87. on 02 Jan 2008 at 15:13:58 87.KarenAnne said …

    I have found your service so helpful in reading a Danish newspaper to stay in touch with my grandfather’s home town.

    I just realized that you have a Firefox extension.

    The extension works wonderfully, and is so much more convenient that the laborious process I used to do of having the newspaper home page in Danish in one tab, the translation in English in another, and spinning off tabs for each story of interest in Danish, and then putting their urls in the translator in another tab.

    I am happy to subscribe to help support your wonderful work.

    Karen Anne

  88. on 04 Jan 2008 at 14:13:30 88.crodefence said …

    I works fine. regards

  89. on 10 Jan 2008 at 03:23:01 89.Swissguy said …


    Thanx a lot for this Page! It makes online conversations with my Danish friends a lot easier! :)


  90. on 11 Jan 2008 at 11:00:00 90.teju said …

    Great website !!
    hope it doesnt become paid ;-)

  91. on 13 Jan 2008 at 21:28:30 91.Anstan said …

    This is the best software on the internet

    My daugther married a Danish guy and stays in Denmark

    I can now translate some of my mail to Danish to impress them and also read some of their news

    Hope they never find out why I am so good in Danish :-)


    Andre Stander

    South Africa

  92. on 14 Jan 2008 at 16:34:32 92.dchristensen said …

    I also have found you site amazing….. It allows me to communicate with my relatives in Denmark and also keep up on there news in there are. I have received feedback from many of my relatives thinking I can also speak danish as well as I write it :) Now if you can teach me to speak the language I will be all set!!!! ha great job and keep it up.


  93. on 20 Jan 2008 at 01:23:51 93.Scribe said …

    I submitted two word documents with pictures which contained the same text translated from English to Danish.
    Whereas the DA to EN translation was quite neat, the quite similar EN to DA version was very close to complete mumbo-jumbo. Several meanings were correctly translated but concatenated without blanks between the words and strange insertions in the middle of these long strings if text. Whereas the DA-EN translation might save you some typing – the other way around contained so many errors that it would be easier to translate it manually

  94. on 22 Jan 2008 at 19:44:27 94.Lori Cumming said …

    As a collector of Danish stamps it is invaluable to me. I have to re-translate a few philatelic terms from the Danish to English translation but that is a minor task. Thank you, Lori.

  95. on 23 Jan 2008 at 13:45:27 95.Salik said …

    It is really nice,
    I tried in both ways Danish-English and English -Danish. It works well, although in both cases (and I think for always it will be), it is necessary to check the translation and correct the text, If there will be some mistranslated word or sentences.
    Hope more success to the team.

  96. on 25 Jan 2008 at 11:47:57 96.joony said …

    I was a little taken aback yesterday when suddenly I was asked to register, but it got me thinking about your service (which has been really helpful for me as a Scot in Denmark)… I regularly have to translate small sentences but the translation is often not grammatically correct. So why not supply a box so users can correct the translated sentence?

  97. on 31 Jan 2008 at 23:49:21 97.lomet67 said …

    Very clever work.
    loay mettan

  98. on 08 Feb 2008 at 21:12:23 98.speedy4184 said …

    thank you so much, your site is such a great help to me as i work on a Danish chat site and have to translate Danish-english even the Danes can’t tell that i am an english speaker :)

  99. on 13 Feb 2008 at 13:56:59 99.acousticshock said …

    Kudos to the GramTrans team!

  100. on 14 Feb 2008 at 12:04:39 100.mizzi2 said …

    i tried to translate from norwegian to english, and when im wrote “Hva heter du?” it means, what is your name, then it stod “hvad do you hede” :S

    its completely wrong!

  101. on 15 Feb 2008 at 12:17:25 101.Khushwant Singh said …

    This is a great site. I have converted lots of danish text to english. Thanks for hosting this site.

  102. on 16 Feb 2008 at 16:30:53 102.mohsin said …

    i am a new user i will check how it works

  103. on 22 Feb 2008 at 14:19:50 103.KarenAnne said …


    This translator is soooo helpful.

    One thing I noticed, at

    it translates auberginesalat as egg-fruit salad. In the U.S., anyway, it would be eggplant salad.


  104. on 05 Mar 2008 at 16:07:21 104.Brouwers said …

    Very good translation tool … Works great!
    Good job GramTrans!

  105. on 06 Mar 2008 at 16:07:11 105.Texe said …

    vis i kunne lave den med TYSK

  106. on 08 Mar 2008 at 17:09:50 106.ravi said …

    it is good

  107. on 09 Mar 2008 at 13:24:49 107.trif said …

    Tak skal i have for dette fantastiske og længe savnede værktøj. jeg bruger det til oversættelse af websider.

    :) Randi

  108. on 10 Mar 2008 at 21:30:30 108.Bonnie said …

    Considering I’ve used just about every single Norwegian-English translation Web site out there, this seems more than fair, as this site is the best of them all.

    It’s so much better in fact, I plan to pay for the full personal version in the nest few weeks.

  109. on 14 Mar 2008 at 15:40:59 109.FrancisL said …

    I often work for Danish companies, and while they generally work in English it is sometime very useful to have your translations and it saves me wasting my clients time with stupid ‘what does this mean’ questions. Excellent work, well done.

  110. on 17 Mar 2008 at 02:09:27 110.PeterThorson said …

    Thank you for this service on the Internet. We have been using it to send letters to our Danish cousins.

  111. on 17 Mar 2008 at 04:33:40 111.kcordes3 said …

    Please keep Norwegain activated,as this is the reason i am registered here. Thank You So Much!

  112. on 21 Mar 2008 at 12:44:54 112.sara17 said …

    woooow.. Nice..

  113. on 25 Mar 2008 at 10:38:33 113.Lars G A Eriksson said …

    I have no new item just now because I will begin to write some letters just today.
    However, I have tried – just as a test – to translate from my own language – Swedish – to Danish and it looked good and correct.

  114. on 30 Mar 2008 at 19:21:31 114.bariko said …

    Hej Jeg vil sige Tusind tak for dem der har lavet siden, Programet er bare supeeer! tak for d..

  115. on 13 Apr 2008 at 15:51:04 115.sittrup said …

    ja super.. men hvorfor er der ikke noget med tysk…. det er da et større sprog end norsk….

  116. on 23 Apr 2008 at 22:37:31 116.dag said …

    Denne siden er bare helt topp.


  117. on 27 Apr 2008 at 21:30:39 117.Robert Creekmore said …

    I am a 76 year old American, and have been doing research on my Danielsen genealogy in Denmark. This web site would be very beneficial to me in getting translation help on some of the documnents that I have regarding my ancestors family, census records, church records, etc.

  118. on 01 May 2008 at 16:11:18 118.niels gripping said …


  119. on 04 May 2008 at 11:57:14 119.Thomas K. F. said …

    wow i love this site im not that good whit languages and im so grateful for this site, though i was just wondering will you guys make a gramtrans on danis and german, for i have to have german in school and i so dont under stand that languages.

  120. on 04 May 2008 at 18:41:12 120.iamyhs said …

    It’s really good for Danish learner like me.

  121. on 10 May 2008 at 11:36:16 121.repsej45 said …

    would like to if you can translate to German also might be lovely

  122. on 11 May 2008 at 08:40:22 122.Michael said …

    We moved to Denmark as expats and couldn’t have made it without Gram Trans. Thanks so much!


  123. on 12 May 2008 at 18:14:23 123.batoul said …

    this is a very good webside

  124. on 16 May 2008 at 20:04:12 124.riya said …

    Denne side er bare helt toppen.

  125. on 20 May 2008 at 14:18:10 125.Frederik said …

    Great site. But it will be so awesome with a german translator! :)

  126. on 22 May 2008 at 19:04:38 126.thatsmee said …

    yeah nemmerli’ 8-)
    Den r rigtig god :)

  127. on 26 May 2008 at 13:02:48 127.aaron said …


  128. on 07 Jun 2008 at 08:39:53 128.Deekonda NarsingaRao said …

    Good effort in Lexicography.

  129. on 13 Jun 2008 at 12:05:59 129.gopinath said …

    This is awesome !!
    Thanks for your effort.

  130. on 17 Jun 2008 at 19:21:52 130.BooB said …


  131. on 22 Jun 2008 at 16:44:14 131.Chini said …

    Heeeeeeeeeeej jeg er en dreng som bor i Danmark og er glad for og bo her. har mange venner som er altid med tage hjem ved dem og de kommer hjem ved mig. Oa har et stort familie her i Danmark og det giver mig hjælp for når jeg er ved min familie og jeg har det så godt med dem ligesom jeg har det nu så hjælper det mig meget jeg kontakter hele familien været eneste dag.

  132. on 23 Jun 2008 at 14:56:30 132.Patric Nutton said …

    Great site!

  133. on 25 Jun 2008 at 12:58:10 133.ananth said …

    Very Good

  134. on 10 Jul 2008 at 23:53:51 134.jean lund luke said …

    I have been using a dictionary word by word and that doesn’t give me enough of the meaning to make accurate judgements. This is wonderful!

  135. on 15 Jul 2008 at 17:59:14 135.Ashley Raiteri said …

    I looooooooove GT. I’ve been trying to arrange business deals with potential clients and start a consulting company in Copenhagen for the last 12 months.

    It has been sooo helpful. I wonder if there is room for a wisdom of the crowds feature.

    Obviously in this case, the crowd will have less knowledge overall than the experts, but you could implement a voting feature for the dictionary allowing users to post “new” pairs when they find something hasn’t quite translated properly, and also to
    provide alternative translation results that are voted on as “best, better, good, equal, poor, worse, worst” this could inform your rules engine quite well, and the engine could spit out the “alternative” translations along with the recommended one.
    What do you think? I am a sw geek and would be willing to put some time into it.

  136. on 18 Aug 2008 at 15:28:28 136.supergirl said …

    det er en god hjælp det her :)

  137. on 21 Aug 2008 at 17:04:59 137.kiks said …


    Godt lavet xD

  138. on 27 Aug 2008 at 15:20:19 138.apalix said …

    I used it to translate a couple of test cases. As with any translation tool, I had to clean up the document.

    All-in-all, though, this is the best translation tool I have seen.

  139. on 27 Aug 2008 at 18:02:16 139.moesgaard said …

    Wery useful site to improve my writing,especially when i translate to danish, it’s make sense to me so i can correct my writing

  140. on 30 Aug 2008 at 19:12:45 140.Anders M. said …

    I just did a very small test of the Danish vs. English translation (and then back again) and it still seems to be the best on the web!.. Compared it to Google translate and GramTrans clearly wins.


    Thanks and great work! :-)

  141. on 11 Sep 2008 at 00:37:37 141.International said …

    I have danish friends and sometimes they don’t always know how to say something in english so they tell me in danish and thanks to GramTrans.. I can understand what they try to tell me :P

  142. on 12 Sep 2008 at 10:04:27 142.skillpade said …

    Very nice page nice job on the translations :)

  143. on 19 Sep 2008 at 10:00:51 143.Sattar Abdul said …

    It is the one of the best sites i use very regularly.with out this my work would not have been so effective.
    Thanks to GT team..

    abdul sattar

  144. on 22 Oct 2008 at 20:59:28 144.MarissalovesDenmark said …

    Thankyou so much for making this program..i live in the U.S.A and i have several friends from Denmark but alot of the time i cant say things that are sireous because they do not understand..thanks to you guys ive been talking to them in danish and its great!

  145. on 29 Oct 2008 at 02:29:19 145.tlpretender said …

    Great job on the tool. My only wish is for the Dictionary to include the gender.

  146. on 25 Nov 2008 at 12:43:26 146.BCW said …

    Will there be a Klingon Translation option in the near future? It will aid first contact when that comes in the 23rd century!

  147. on 23 Dec 2008 at 06:58:59 147.mjmathan said …

    it’s good

  148. on 22 Jan 2009 at 19:27:52 148.lars christensen said …

    oversættelse fra dansk til tysk tak

  149. on 24 Feb 2009 at 21:48:09 149.QuantumImmortality said …

    thank you do much! your Danish-English dictionary is top. it helps me greatly translating my Danish Garfield book.

  150. on 02 Mar 2009 at 12:55:11 150.stefansulby said …


  151. on 02 Mar 2009 at 16:03:00 151.leizhang said …

    very good

  152. on 25 May 2009 at 13:11:42 152.anis72 said …


    I am a subscriber toy your service. recenly a friend of mine told me that Google translation is better in quality than your service. is that true?

  153. on 30 May 2009 at 05:11:58 153.Mike_bs said …

    Also, could you change comments list to reverse order by date year/mo/day/time? And put the Leave a Reply section at the top of the page?
    Thanks, Mike

  154. on 28 Aug 2009 at 01:18:40 154.tinroof22 said …

    Thank you so much, I know just enough Danish that I’m sure your translations from English to Danish are top notch. My son is in Denmark and this is how I communicate with him. Please don’t lose this site.

  155. on 13 May 2010 at 11:36:26 155.Zetey said …

    Mi gratulas al vi, cxiuj, kiuj faris kaj perfektigas la tradukprogramon. Mi opinias ke gxia lancxado estas ne cxiutaga evento, sed bedauxrinde por la presaro la bona novajxo gxenerale ne estas novajxo. Do vi devas popularigi viajn rezultojn en tuta mondo uzante cxiujn amaskomunikilojn en cxiujn lingvojn. Laux mi komencigxis en tiu jaro nova etapo en solvo de la lingva problemo de la mondo.
    Pluajn sukcesojn deziras al vi
    Denes SANDOR

  156. on 19 Jun 2010 at 10:07:44 156.Nans said …

    I was impressed over the Esperanto translation. Nice to see a good tool that works and I think this will be helpful for young people learning Esperanto also.

    Best, Nans, http://qts.no

  157. on 25 Aug 2011 at 15:13:22 157.Lychee said …

    The best site ever made! We use this tool every day at work and its really good. I can that its better than any GTranslate and others. Congrats for such a good web app!


  158. on 03 Oct 2011 at 18:20:01 158.Stan said …

    Just a big thank you, og tusind tak. this helps me keep in touch with my son. Samuel in Viborg.

  159. on 20 Dec 2011 at 18:24:42 159.Jonathan I. Ybarra said …

    Your translation tool rocks! I was able to make friends with people who do not speak English.

  160. on 21 Sep 2012 at 13:35:40 160.Carol Schroeder said …

    Your site is an excellent resource and very user friendly. Thank you!

  161. on 16 Jul 2013 at 12:15:29 161.Éamonn Ó Grib ín said …


    Is there any chance that you might extend your language options to include Irish Gaelic and Latin?

  162. on 08 Mar 2014 at 16:38:34 162.sanxjo said …

    Via laboro estas respektinda!

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