News Eckhard Bick on 03 Jan 2008 18:21

Substantial improvements for English – Danish

We have made some major upgrades for the English-Danish language pair, concerning both grammar and lexicon. The latter has been under continuous manual enlargement for many months, and now covers English words down to a frequency of about 1:10,000,000, roughly 90.000 entries (lemma/lexeme) in all, including many multi-word expressions and technical terms. The improvements will, of course, affect the English-Norwegian language pair as well, since the latter uses Danish as an interlingual

The site’s dictionary function (QuickDict), long successful for Danish-English, has now also been activated for English-Danish. This feature will handle look-up of individual words in a more meaningful, dictionary-style fashion than would be the case with text translation alone, avoiding meaningless disambiguation or, for instance, misinterpretation of single words as (imperative) sentences.

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