News Eckhard Bick on 24 Jan 2008 20:05

New registration policy

As of today, we would like to ask all GramTrans users to register, even our many non-commercial users. Registration continues to be free of charge for small scale usage, but it will help us to do research on things like usage patterns and individual vocabulary spread, and thus develop better individualized services, such as the upcoming user dictionary feature. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you will understand.

Please note also that our fair use policy, i.e. free use limitations on text length and number of translations per day, are not affected by registration policy. These limits have their own policy and are simply a means to define regular/volume users and/or commercial users – both of which can also achieve unlimited access, but only in connection with a regular subscription, Personal or Commercial, respectively. We might add that a quality translation service like GramTrans, unlike statistical or word list systems, involves a lot of specialised human labour which ultimately can be ensured only by a majority of satisfied customers willing to make a financial contribution. For the same reason we have been forced to allow a – limited – advertisement side bar, which – by the way – will not be visible for subscribing users. The world runs on compromises – please bear with us.

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