News Eckhard Bick on 11 Apr 2008 07:04

New lexicon feature

Many people use GramTrans not just for machine translation, but also – or primarily – as a dictionary service, and for those users we have long provided the QuickDict feature – a simple lexicon lookup for individual words (including inflected words), where alternative translations can be preserved rather than contextually discarded. We have now gone one better and offer the DeepDict lexifier, a full “Learner’s Dictionary” lookup providing usage information for the target language words, as well as example sentences and statistical information. Just click on the QuickDict translation (in red).

DeepDict is also available as such, of course, for direct lookup, and has its own page on the GramTrans site. For now, the QuickDict->DeepDict link works for the English side of Danish->English translations, while direct lookups also cover Danish and Spanish DeepDict, with more languages in the pipeline. As a target group we envision not just translators, but also schools, researchers and lexicographers. DeepDict is based on the grammatical and statistical analysis of huge text corpora, and can thus offer a unique and authentic overview of lexical usage, far beyond the scope of ordinary dictionaries.

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