News Eckhard Bick on 22 Jun 2008 10:13

Swedish translations

Symmetry has finally been established for GramTrans’ Swedish machine translation. Thus it is now possible to translate not only from, but also into Swedish. This feature has long been requested by our customers, and we have therefore accelerated development and decided to make Danish -> Swedish, Norwegian -> Swedish and English -> Swedish available at an early beta stage. However, since GramTrans relies on linguistically hand-designed rules and complex dictionary entries, the new “to-Swedish ” modules are not simple inversions of their “from-Swedish” counterparts, and they are not at all finished. Therefore, one should not yet expect the same performance for Danish/Norwegian/English -> Swedish as for Swedish -> Danish/Norwegian/English. One area of current work focus, for instance, is the inflexional generation of Swedish word forms, where corpus-based debugging has only just begun. As always, we welcome user feedback and bug reports regarding the new modules.

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