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2014-02-25: WikiTrans: The Swedish Wikipedia in Danish

GramTrans is now offering the complete Swedish Wikipedia in almost perfect Danish, at http:/dan.wikitrans.net - 1.5 million Swedish articles, on top of the 190.000 Danish ones. Translated and original Danish texts are presented in an integrated way, with double content menus, so all information from both Wikipedias is easily accessible on one page. New articles are added as they appear, and changes in existing articles are captured by daily retranslations. Danish-language searches are possible for all Swedish content, not just Wikipedia title words.

2011-05-30: Unlimited number of free snippet translations

2010-08-12: Danish-Esperanto Machine Translation

2010-04-11: English-Esperanto Machine Translation

2010-01-20: Danish-German machine translation

2009-11-16: Danish Lexicator: Synonyms and definitons for Danish words


GramTrans™ is a cooperation between two small specialized language technology companies, GrammarSoft ApS, based in Denmark, and Kaldera Språkteknologi AS, based in Norway. GramTrans™ offers high quality, domain-independent machine translation for the Scandinavian languages. All products are based on cutting edge, university level research in the fields of Natural Language Processing (NLP), corpus linguistics, and lexicography.

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