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On this page you will find examples of a few standard DeepDict lookups, representing the four content word classes and their characteristic lexical contexts. Note, for instance, the compounding behaviour of car (‘motor car’, ‘car park’ etc), the movement verbs associated with horse (gallop, prance, trot) and the prepositional valency of belief (‘belief in s.th.’). The verb eat shows how a whole semantic category (food) can be extracted from DeepDict (as objects), while caress demonstrates the possible asymmetries between male (subject) and female (object) pronouns. Ask and promise are examples of verbs binding subclauses and prepositional phrases as arguments, and the latter wille yield different data depending on whether it is looked up as a verb or a noun. The four example adjectives (big, large, high, tall), finally, allow the user to compare nuances in usage – abstract vs. concrete, vertical vs. horizontal etc.

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