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Commercial Standard

The Commercial DeepDict Standard license applies to individual commercial users, non-educational public institutions and companies, who use DeepDict as a kind of advanced on-line dictionary, but not for lexicography proper. DeepDict data can only be used in a dictionary publishing context with a Commercial DeepDict Direct license. Please feel free to contact us if you are unsure as to which license to use.

A Commercial DeepDict Standard subscription costs 500,- DKR / 70 € / 100 US$ for a 6-month period.

Danish tax law obliges us to charge VAT on our translation services, so all license fees include the Danish VAT of currently 25%. However, if you are a commercial company in the EU, you can pay without VAT if you provide a valid company VAT number.

Volume Discount

If you need a Commercial License for a group of users, a project, company or institution, please contact us for a multi-user solution. The following discounts apply for multi-user licenses:

  • 5 or more – 20% discount
  • 10 or more – 30% discount
  • 25 or more – 40% discount
  • 50 or more – 50% discount
  • 100 or more – 60% discount
  • 250 or more – 70% discount
  • 500 or more – 80% discount

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