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Donate Words

Nobody is perfect, neither man nor machine, no matter how much effort has gone into a product, and at GramTrans we are humbly aware of this. So if you would like to help us improve the system in general, or just to make it better at handling the kind of texts you are translating, you are welcome to send us bilingual wordlists for integration into the GramTrams lexica. We promise to integrate your words as soon as possible, but due to interference porblems with existing translations, consistency and spelling checks etc, it will not be an automatic, immediate process.

Word is the original in the source language, PoS is part of speech, followed by the translations into the target language. Please make sure that all target language words have the same word class as the original. Only translations that can fill the same sentence slot as the original. If there are special considerations for the translation, note it in the Comment field.

Word PoS Translations Comment
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