News Eckhard Bick on 25 Feb 2014

WikiTrans: The Swedish Wikipedia in Danish

GramTrans is now offering the complete Swedish Wikipedia in almost perfect Danish, at http:/ – 1.5 million Swedish articles, on top of the 190.000 Danish ones. Translated and original Danish texts are presented in an integrated way, with double content menus, so all information from both Wikipedias is easily accessible on one page. New articles are added as they appear, and changes in existing articles are captured by daily retranslations. Danish-language searches are possible for all Swedish content, not just Wikipedia title words.

News Eckhard Bick on 30 May 2011

Unlimited number of free snippet translations

As of today, GramTrans will allow an unlimited daily number of word or sentence translations. This decision runs contrary to certain recent developments towards more usage restrictions in the field, but we would like to distinguish between simple out-of-context translations on the one hand, and real text translations on the other.  For longer texts, document translation and other services policy is as before, and a license is needed for regular use.

News Eckhard Bick on 12 Aug 2010

Danish-Esperanto Machine Translation

GramTrans is pleased to announce a new and greatly improved version of its Danish-Esperanto translation system. The new module uses the same state-of-the-art method employed for Danish-English and the WikiTrans project. The full depth of GramTrans’ syntactic parser for Danish is now exploited (which was not the case in the old module), and Esperanto-translation alternatives are selected through elaborate contextual rules. The current bilingual lexicon for Danish-Esperanto contains about 80.000 so called base forms, corresponding to over one million inflected forms.

News Eckhard Bick on 11 Apr 2010

English-Esperanto Machine Translation

After six months of intensive development, GramTrans’ English-Esperanto Machine Translation module has reached a professional level, and joined the ranks of our other full-fledged language translation pairs, now using a full direct translation module as well as a direct bilingual lexicon with over 150.000 entries. Though work is ongoing on both grammar and lexicon, results are already excellent, and being used in the WikiTrans project to translate the English Wikipedia into Esperanto.

News Eckhard Bick on 20 Jan 2010

Danish-German machine translation

Reacting to numerous user requests, GramTrans has now launched a Danish-German translation module, Dan2ger. The system is subject to continued development, but has – after years of work – reached the necessary quality for general use. Dan2ger incorporates our 2008 Danish-German QuickDict, a deep syntactic analysis of Danish, rule-based lexical transfer and a new German generation module.

News Eckhard Bick on 16 Nov 2009

Danish Lexicator: Synonyms and definitons for Danish words

GramTrans has just launched a new, freely accessible module: the Lexicator. The tool provides synonyms and definitons for Danish words, or – in crossword or Scrabble mode – a list of words that satisfies certain letter combinations or semantic conditions (such as ‘a bird with four letter, starting with an ‘s’, and an ‘l’ in the third position).

News Eckhard Bick on 10 Sep 2009

Revised translation

Though automatic translations works satisfactorily for many purposes, there are cases, such as website publishing, where human-level translation is warranted, and to fulfill this need, GramTrans has been offering a special post-editing interface for some time. As of now, however, we can also offer full human revision as an integrated service, at affordable prices. You will receive a high-quality revision within 3-10 business days.

News Eckhard Bick on 27 Mar 2009

Domain specific translations

GramTrans now offers domain specific translations. Thus, certain expressions, names etc. may be translated differently if used in a technical or otherwise domain-specific context. So far, users can mark their texts as either “neutral” or belonging to the medical or university domains.

News Eckhard Bick on 19 Mar 2009

MultiGoogle – searching the net in more than one language

As of now, GramTrans offers cross-language internet searches. As a special feature, 3-way Scandinavian searches (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian) are supported. Search terms will be translated before searching the net, allowing to find pages in the target language instead of, or alongside with the source language term. As opposed to ordinary translations, alternative translations or synonyms will be included in the case of ambiguous words. Chains of several words, on the other hand, will be regarded as a “mini-sentence” and subjected to ordinary translation, exploiting possible disambiguation effects between words.

News Tino Didriksen on 21 Nov 2008

Web Translation Improvements

Web Page Translation has been improved to feed links in the translated pages through the same translation pair. This should greatly simplify casual browsing of translated sites. Titles and bits of metadata are now translated as well.

Also, individual pieces of the sites are cached for later so subsequent translations will be much faster.

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