News Tino Didriksen on 27 Aug 2007

Don’t mind the boxes

Still in the process of polishing this site, so certain features may not work entirely as expected just yet.

So far comments from the old site has been transferred to the Feedback page in order to seperate them from the translation results.

News Eckhard Bick on 10 Aug 2007

Now open for business…

After a long period with free use, we have decided to go commercial with regard to the most evolved of our translation systems. While the less mature language pairs, and small-scale use in general, will remain open to everybody, we have felt it necessary to take a moderate license fee for heavy use of the Danish-English translation system, for a number of reasons:

This step will allow us to fund the necessary and will provide us with an opportunity for financing and further development, such as scaling to larger lexica, grammars, and other languages. In other words, as developers we need to establish a cash flow to continue improving the tools, simply because working pro-bono takes time from other (salaried) activities. This also will grant us freedom from academic constraints, allowing us to weight practice and applicability over theory. Finally, the system thus escapes certain technical limitations, in terms of bigger/better and – above all – dedicated hardware. Finally, the change prepares for future integration with other products and services of the kind that are only commercially available.

In the coming months we will be adding features and polishing existing ones. The first feature will be a Mozilla Firefox extension for the website translation. After that, document translation where you submit a document and get a translated version returned.

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