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All beta quality language pairs are free, while mature translation systems are only free for limited personal use, with the following restrictions:

  • max 70 words (ca. 500 unicode characters) per translation
  • max 10 translations or 350 words (ca. 2500 unicode characters) per day
  • no commercial use

We advise everyone who uses our tools reguarly to register and to perform translations while logged in. Registered users will also have access to a history of their translations, and cleaner printable output.

If you intend to use our production quality tools for professional work, or as a company, you should register as a Professional User. As a professional user, you will also have access to a number of services not included in the free interface, such as formatting-preserving document translation and custom-made dictionaries, as well as a browser plugin option.

If you are translating texts for personal use, but either need to translate large amounts of text, or to look up translations very frequently (dictionary-style use), you should register as a Personal User where you will also be able to use our Mozilla Firefox browser plugin.

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